Fast-Track Assessments

Private Equity Portfolio Managers and Boards of Directors are often confronted with challenging and perplexing declining performance with no clear course of action. Our Fast-Track Assessments utilize analytics and real-world business judgment to review operational and financial performance and present clear answers to these key questions:

  • Where are we and how did we get here?
  • What is the best course of action and the execution timeline?
  • Recommended course of action and timelines?

Fast-Track Assessments include a strategic review together with a specific set of deliverables which typically include:

  • Dissect and analyze past financial performance highlighting key trending related to the change in performance
  • Review management budgets and revise forecasting to match conservative reality
  • Develop outline scenario alternatives for performance improvement including
    • Right-sizing (products, people, customers, timing and operational impact)
    • Segment spin-off
    • Debt restructuring
  • Discuss bankruptcy avoidance alternatives
  • Discuss bankruptcy implications, cost, and timeline
  • Provide a written report and a presentation of findings, recommendations, and next steps

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